Board of Directors

President – Michael Lindenfeld

Michael Lindenfeld received a BS in physics from the California Institute of Technology and a PhD in physics from Brandeis University. His research there and as a postdoctoral fellow was in statistical physics applied to transport and atmospheric physics and chemistry. During 32 years at Science Applications International Corp he worked in US Navy classified programs on physical oceanography, optical oceanography, radar and light scattering off the ocean surface, and ocean electromagnetics. He’s studied radar propagation over rough terrain and high energy laser beam propagation in a turbulent atmosphere. Both of these applications use the same techniques as beach wave models. He appreciates the beautiful Maui ecosystem and has been scuba diving for 47 years.

Secretary – Bonnie Field

Bonnie Field earned her BS in Political Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.  She managed several significant, global accounts in her role in tech sales at AT&T as well as served in many capacities on the education foundation in her home town of Lafayette, CA including President.  She is a partner with her husband in their commercial real estate firm and currently serves on the board of an international fraternal organization, managing real estate and seismic retrofit projects.  Bonnie has owned an ocean front property in Keonenui Bay since 2000 and is an avid ocean swimmer, hiker, artist and protector of Maui’s delicate ecosystem.

Member At Large – Steve Casey

Steve has a background in Electrical Construction, with work on projects such as Chase Arena in San Francisco & Golden One Center in Sacramento. He has 30 + years of experience managing electrical projects, contributing to electrical design and  installation of all aspects of electrical work. Steve & his Wife Lisa moved to Upcountry Maui full time in 2019 and own/manage a rental condo on Keonenui Bay. They both enjoy swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in and around Keonenui Bay.

Member At Large – Wendi Hurley

Wendi has a background of 30+ yrs in software sales, specializing in online marketing and video conferencing. With a long-time passion for interior design and now an empty nester, she left the corporate world 3 yrs ago to pursue this passion. She’s busy these days renovating / renting properties in Lake Tahoe and Maui. Living in these two locations she saw the need to help protect the environment and wildlife. Her life revolves around nature and she enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, and hiking. Wendi has owned property in Keonenui Bay since April of 2001.